Thursday, July 07, 2005

The following letter to the editor of Ha'Aretz was sent yesterday, right after I finished reading the newspaper. When I posted it on my blog I discovered two serious grammatical errors. It was too late to send a corrected version to the newspaper, and this morning I saw that the original version was published, with the mistakes. Another sign ( in addition to the incorrect changes that were made in letters in the past ) that editors do not read as carefully as they should, or that they are just less fluent in English than I am ( yes, I know that my English is far from perfect, which makes it even worse ). What follows here is the letter as I intended it to be.
Regarding "Second teen held over lynch attempt", Ha'Aretz, July 6, 2005: We already knew that when it comes to ideology, respect for human life and political goals, extremists on the Palestinian and Israeli side of 'the' conflict have much in common. Now that I see our own fanatics on television and in newspapers on an almost daily basis, it seems to me that even their looks are similar to those of their Palestinian counterparts. Nevertheless, there is one big difference between Jewish and Palestinian militants: men and boys such as Avinoam Crispin and Shimson Sitrin belong to my people. For some reason I feel indirectly responsible for and am very much ashamed of their actions. What really worries me is that even if ever a reasonable solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is found, these terrorists will most probably live on my side of the border.

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