Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Ha'Aretz editorial to which the previous posting refers appears here. I left a reaction, consisting of the letter to the editor that I sent this morning ( see the previous posting ) plus some additional, more virulent, comments that 'bubbled up' afterwards:
"Democracy is not a one-way street, or a grab bag from which you can pick whatever suits you while ignoring all the stuff that is less to your liking. Almost all of the supporters of disengagement have put up with the occupation for almost four decades, serving and doing reserve duty in Gaza and the Westbank, financing the impossible dream of a Greater Israel, and being manipulated by the settlers and their various lobbies so that more facts on the ground could be created, facts that haunt us and will continue to do so for many more years.
Ironically, the settlers now raise a hue and cry over the fact that they are being evacuated ( with grants that might not be as generous as what they are used to, but that still are as fair as the taxpayers can afford ), stopped at checkpoints, asked for identity papers etc. whereas we never heard them when the rights of many, many more human beings were trampled in much less considerate ways, often only to make life easier and more comfortable for the same settlers whom we now hear using al kinds of disgusting Shoah-analogies. It is o.k. to lock Palestinians inside their homes in Hebron and to disrupt their daily lives, so that a few Jewish fanatics can march through the streets of the city, but when our security forces try to prevent those same fanatics from joining forces with the more militant opponents of the disengagement plan inside the Gush, that suddenly is part of a large plan to implement some final solution to the Jewish question? Let`s get real, and let`s get out! "

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