Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Halleluyah, my weblog looks normal again!
I just received the following e-mail from one of the very nice and helpful staff members at Blogger Support. When I started out as a blogger several other bloggers tried to convince me that this or that blog provider is much better and user-friendly than Blogger, but I must say that I am happy with the product and the service provided by Blogger. Every time that I had some technical problem the people at Blogger helped me out in a friendly and efficient way. This time it took almost two weeks before the problem was fixed, but in the end everything worked out well. No, I am not getting paid to say all this.
Hello Bert,
Thanks for your patience. I checked your blog and saw that you did not disable the feature in your formatting settings that's causing the bug you see. I have done it for you and after republishing, everything looks great.
Sincerely, Christine Blogger Support

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