Wednesday, July 06, 2005

On the website of Sky News viewers and readers said what they think about Chirac's food fight with Britain. Here are some selected views that made me smile or laugh:
What's funny about Chirac's comments is that he shared the joke with those two culinary giants the Germans and the Russians. Three spent powers living in a past age.
Martin Harrison, London
The French may be good at cooking, that's because whenever there's a hint of conflict in the world, they run back home to play with their pastry cutters.
Dean Smith, Bradford
Yes our food is not the best in the world and our cows are probably mad, but it is them that give us British our backbone, something that the French are clearly lacking. Maybe they should embrace our poor cuisine then maybe they would not drop their rifles so often.
Gary Hemmings
I am absolutely outraged by Mr Chirac's comments. It makes me want to declare war on France myself. Oh.. Hold on? what's that? They've surrendered.
D Brooks
A school exchange visit to France in the 1970's was my introduction to French cuisine; the legacy of that trip was a 20-year gap before I set foot in France again.

Alan Egham, Surrey

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