Sunday, July 31, 2005

Regarding "He's orange, Gordon Liddy, he's orange", Ha'Aretz, July 31, 2005: It seems that the only non-Jewish support from abroad that the Israeli Right and extreme-Right manage to enlist for their struggle against Ariel Sharon and his plan to end the occupation of Gaza comes either from religious fanatics who like to cast us Jews in an unappealing role in their rewritten scenarios of Apocalypse Now, or from men such as Gordon Liddy, whose actions and words make clear how much he cherishes democracy and freedom. In the past MK Yuri Stern also traveled to Europe to discuss cooperation with local far-right parties. In most cases foreign support for Israel's ( extreme ) Right is motivated by a deep hatred of Haman, rather than by a true and unconditional love for Mordechai.

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