Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Regarding "Suicide bomber kills 2 in Israel" and "Van Gogh defendant confesses to murder", IHT, July 13, 2005 ( this letter says much of what I intended to say in the Dutch article that I posted yesterday, so I will not translate that article. Thanks anyway to the eight readers who asked me to translate it ): Through his written and verbal statements Muhammad B., as he is known in Holland, has offered us a rare insight into the mind of some of the Islamist terrorists who are wreaking havoc on the world today. Theirs is an agenda that is global and purely religious. If there is a link between Islamist terror and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict it could be an ideological bond between the terrorists, but you have to use a highly illogical line of argument to find a causal connection beween the plight of the Palestinians and the murder of more than fifty commuters in London, a filmmaker in Amsterdam, police recruits in Iraq, theatre visitors in Moscow, or school children in Beslan. The agenda of groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad is way too local and limited for zealots such as Muhammad B. and Osama bin L. Other, less Islamist, terror groups are out of bounds for non-Palestinian Islamists, and a non-violent approach is even more an anathema to them. Most of the foreign aid that Palestinian terrorists receive comes from or through Syria, Saudi-Arabia and Iran, all archenemies of Al-Qaeda's brand of Islamism. Like other local conflicts with a religous-nationalist character, for Bin Laden c.s. 'the' conflict is only one of many excuses that can help to further a universal cause. Israel's occupation of Gaza and the Westbank has to end because it is wrong and unjust, hurts Western interests and endangers the existence of the Jewish state, not because Islamists tell us that they care so much for their Palestinian brothers and sisters. Whoever believes that after an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and other occupied territories Islamist terror will stop or even diminish is fooling himself and the rest of the world. Palestinian Islamists will not stop until there is no Jewish state left, and the least that their foreign colleagues aim at is an Islamist utopia in all of the Muslim world. The only way for all Western and other democratic countries to understand, fight and beat the Islamists is by studying their global agenda, and by acting accordingly in a coordinated, uncompromising and nationally-altruistic way.

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