Monday, July 18, 2005

Regarding " 'This is no Jewish Olympics," says two-time golden Olympian ", Ha'Aretz, July 17, 2005 ( published in Ha'Aretz, July 18, 2005 ):
I am really sorry that Alyson Annan and Carole Thate had to witness less professional procedures than the ones to which they are used, apparently. When I read this article, a Dutch-Yiddish expression entered my mind: "Kunsjt!" ( "there is nothing clever about that", or "that's not a real achievement" ). I always thought that the Maccabiah is about bringing Israeli and Jewish athletes from all over the world together in Israel in order to to get to know each other in a competitive but relaxed environment. If competitiveness is the main goal, and the Dutch team is allowed to bring two non-Jewish coaches - one Dutch, the other Australian - whose only qualification is that they won Olympic gold and bronze ( an impressive feat but hardly relevant in the context of the Maccabiah ), then why did the Dutch not bring along Inge de Bruin and Pieter van den Hoogenband? With all due respect to Mrs Annan and Thate, their Olympic accomplishements are dwarfed by those of the two Dutch swimmers.
(PS: The idea of sending Pieter vdH is not mine, I got it from a comment by Nanette ).

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