Saturday, July 16, 2005

Regarding "Tour de force", Ha'Aretz Magazine, July 15, 2005: Have we all gone mad? Has Israel become a huge theme park where foreign-currency-paying tourists can satiate their lust for excitement and ( the Jews among them ) appease the Zionist part of their conscience by meeting the stars and visiting the hot spots of this crazy and highly lethal reality show? If that is the case I would suggest some more excursions for the mission's participants:
  • Visit Yigal Amir in his cell, or watch his conjugal visits on candid camera.
  • Witness a real 'targeted assassination' on live closed circuit television.
  • Take part in the evacuation of a real settlement, or put on an orange Star of David, block some highway and verbally abuse soldiers, policemen and -women.
  • Shoot rubber ( or, to make it more exciting, metal ) bullets at real Palestinian demonstrators.
  • Humiliate Palestinians at a checkpoint.
  • Vote off ( by sending an SMS with the mobile phone that is part of the holiday package ) Ariel Sharon, Yonathan Bassi, the Chief of Staff, or the leaders of the Yesha Council

As legitimate and worthty as the cause is for which Shurat Hadin says it stands, nothing can be an excuse for turning the most difficult aspects of our national existence into one big attraction and into another typically Israeli Beggar's Opera.

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