Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thank you, Miriam ( from Bloghead ), for refering me to two subjects that I am interested in but cannot dwell on for lack of time: the Maccabiah ( see OutOfStepJew for some impressions behind the scenes ) and the forced, nay ridiculous, nay dangerous and almost sickening attempts by the BBC ( link to Melanie Phillips ) to be politically correct and/or not antagonize - heaven forbid - any non-Westerners. In general, Miriam's blog is a good source and reference guide for information and opinions regarding events in ( Jewish ) Britain.
PS: Other bloggers who wrote about the BBC in post-7/7 Britain: Norm and Jack. It turns out that a whole weblog is dedicated entirely to BBC-bias: click here.
Other subjects that are of interest, and weblogs that have something worth reading to say about them: the trial of the murderer of the Dutch filmmaker-columnist Theo van Gogh ( Peaktalk ), Britain's post-7/7 reality( Aspasia, Neither Here nor There ), the beautiful outcome of intensive Israeli-English cooperation ( Anglosaxy ).

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