Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is unusual, and I think improper, behavior: ( Ha'Aretz Newsflash )
21:47 French Interior Minister: Death toll in London bombings has risen to 50 (Reuters)
It is definitely not the task of the French Interior Minister to report on a larger number of casualties than the official number given by what is supposed to be an ally that has been attacked by terror. Of course we all know that the final number will be higher than the 37 dead who are confirmed officially, but foreign diplomats and officials should leave it to the press ( and to the surfers on the internet ) to speculate about such numbers, and to official spokespersons of the country involved to confirm or deny them, or to come with numbers of their own. PS: Today ( Friday ) I read that the Australian PM made a similar statement. Only this afternoon did British officials come out with a statement confirming that the number of casualties is higher than the numbers mentioned yesterday in official statements: 13:16 U.K. police: Death toll in London blasts rises to 50 (CNN)

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