Monday, July 11, 2005

Watching the opening ceremony of the 17th Maccabiah with my wife, I see the Dutch delegation. Then my wife says "Bloody Dutch, they are all against the disengagement!". Ironically the first gold medal for Israel at the games was won by an Israeli-Arab swimmer from the town of Sakhnin, home of the first Arab football team ever to win the State's Cup. As for the real opponents of the disengagement, they were nice enough to keep the police busy with yet another dummy bomb.
( PS: Considering the size of the gas cannister that formed part of the bomb as well as the quite rigorous security checks that I had to pass every time that I entered the central bus station - including having my bag pass through an x-ray machine -, I would not be surprised if this was an 'inside-job', done with the help of someone who works in or delivers goods to one of the many stores in the bus station. Also, the handwriting on the note found next to the bomb, saying "The disengagement blows up in your face", looks very immature. This - and maybe the fact that in the note a form of the hitpa'el is written twice with a yud before the tav, although I have seen academics do that as well - might guide the police in their search for the perpetrators of this act ).

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