Saturday, July 30, 2005

What I do not understand about the Vatican's refusal to specifically include terrorist attacks in Israel among those acts of terror that it condemns, is why the Pope's men explain their refusal by pointing at some of Israel's reactions to ( suicide ) terror attacks. I always thought that terrorism in general, and suicide terrorism in particular, is wrong to begin with. Apparently terrorism is o.k. or not condemnable if now and then it draws responses that from within the walls of the Vatican seem to be disproportionate. Seems not very logical to me, but then I never studied logic with friends in dresses.
What I do understand is that the Pope c.s. expect us to turn the other cheek - something that we stopped doing about 60 years ago -, and that for the Vatican all innocent victims are equal, but some Jews among them are less equal than other victims. Pope Benedict XVI has still a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to earn the respect and affection from the Jewish people that his predecessor had. I doubt whether such respect and affection are among his priorities, after all, why should they be?

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