Thursday, July 07, 2005

When ( like On the Face's Lisa ) I noticed a sudden rise in the number of visitors, I thought it was because a link to DBI was added on a website named JewishBlogging ( see the sidebar, under Various Websites ).
I checked out my site's statistics and discovered that most visitors arrived here through the website of the Israeli daily Ma'ariv. Although I am not very fond of that newspaper ( the Nimrodi family that owns it has been linked to some very shady things, and I cannot stand its editor ) I was pleasantly surprised to see that, in an article on Israeli blogs in English, my weblog is one of eight specifically mentioned and reviewed/recommended blogs.
The article's author, Hanan Cohen, writes that in an article last month someone complained that there are no political and social blogs in Israel. Cohen says that when one searches beyond the main Israeli blog providers ( Yisrablog, Tapuz, Reshimot ) one can find "wonderful things". Israeli blogs in English, for instance. About Dutchblog Israel he writes: "Yonathan Dror Bar-On ( it is impossible to write his Dutch name in Hebrew [ actually it is, but it is hard, I admit, which is why I ( also ) use a Hebrew name ] ) immigrated ten years ago from the Netherlands. A historian who specializes in modern Jewish history and is working on his doctoral thesis. Writes in English and Dutch about life in Israel and of course about politics. Apparently the public he aims at are Dutchmen and -women to whom he feels the need to explain "what is going on here" [ partly true, I know that most of my readers are not Dutch ]". That's fun, isn't it?
One person wrote a very cynical comment to the article, which I think is interesting although I do not agree with it: " Interesting that the only ones who live in Israel and write relevant things don't do so in Hebrew. Does it have anything to do with the language? Or with the incapability of Israelis born in Israel to deal with the situation/the occupation? A certificate of poverty for Israeli ethics. Really."
As happy as I was with this positive exposure ( I did not start this weblog to become famous, but hey, I am only human, everybody likes being noticed and getting some recognition ), I was even more satisfied when I found out that Miriam Shaviv, a blogger and journalist whose work - as far as I got to know it - I admire, included my blog in a list of seven weblogs about which she says that she has been particularly enjoying them recently: " They're not necessarily new but more people should know about them. [...] Not to say I don't enjoy many others -- I do. But check these out....". About DBI she writes: "It helps if you speak Dutch but the majority of the pieces are in English. A cool, measured and sensible voice on Israeli and Middle Eastern affairs ( or maybe he saves the inflammatory statements for the Dutch? ) [ actually, I don't ] ".

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