Sunday, August 07, 2005

16:31 TA stock exchange tumbles after announcement of Netanyahu`s resignation (Haaretz)
Wouldn't it be worthwhile to find out whether Binyamin Nethanyahu warned any of his closest friends and associates of the forthcoming announcement of his resignation? The reaction on the local stock market was predictable - even for a layman - and I am sure that he did/does not want to lose any powerful political friends in the next months, friends whom he needs more than ever before and who would not be happy if they lost serious amounts of money because of him. I wonder if Mr Nethanyahu has any stocks himself.
If Bibi really wanted to see the disengagement not being implemented, you would have expected him to resign in a much earlier phase, not now that too many political, military and other careers depend on it and too much effort has been invested in it for the plan to be cancelled. Also, if he really cared so much about the ( 'his' ) economical revolution that - according to him - would have pushed Israel forward on the way to prosperity and bliss ( or about the national economy as such: yet again it is proven that Israel is a politically very unstable country ), he would have stayed on to see the disengagement successfully being implemented. No, once again it has been shown that when it comes to political opportunism Bibi N. is the master, if not the world champion ( with Ehud Olmert as a close second ). It will be interesting to see in the near future whether his gamble pays off.

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