Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Akiva Eldar finishes a long article in today's Ha'Aretz with the following lines: "In a related matter, quite a number of owners of blue ribbons, particularly in Jerusalem, are waking up in the morning to find their cars with half an antenna. Has anyone heard of damage to an orange antenna?".
When I wrote several weeks ago about our car's antenna having been vandalized only one night after I attached a blue ribbon to it ( read here and here ) I said: "I am sure that this has happened to antennas with orange ribbons as well. " To be honest, I have not yet heard personally of any antenna with an orange ribbon being broken or bent, while friends and family members ( and no, I am not an anti-anti-pullout-ite: some of my best friends oppose the pullout ) have told me about at least two cases of anti-blue vandalism. For example, a friend of us walked in a mall with a blue ribbon attached to her bag. Someone violently but unsuccessfully tried to rip the ribbon off. In other words, I am not so sure anymore about the occurence of anti-orange-ribbon violence or vandalism. If you know about specific cases, let me know.

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