Monday, August 01, 2005

As I wrote before, the march on Gaza that is planned for tomorrow is not a demonstration but an organized attempt to make the implementation of the disengagement plan impossible:
"The police refuse to issue a permit for the demonstration unless organizers promise not to try to march toward Gaza afterward, and the Yesha Council refuses to make this promise."
If it was simply meant to be a protest or demonstration within the borders of Israel I would criticize the authorities if they were to prevent bus(s)es from leaving for Sderot or demonstrators from marching in the direction of the border. As long as those who are considered to be the most moderate and sane among the mainstream disengagement opponents are unwilling or -able to commit themselves to not using a legimitate demonstration for illegal and unacceptable purposes, the army and police commanders are right in their efforts not to enable the 'demonstrators' to even make it to Sderot.

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