Monday, August 08, 2005

Ehud Barak is probably right in what he says about the situation within the Likud. On the other hand, when he extends his and Labor's hand out to the Likud voters it jsut does not make sense, as Labor's situation is not much better than that of Sharon en Bibi's party. While I have a lot of respect for Mr Barak, I think that if Bibi has a counterpart within the Labor party, it must be Ehud Barak. Unfortunately his party does not have any real leader right now, even though there are some very gifted and dedicated young Labor politicians today. Ethan Cabel, Ofir Pines-Paz, Yitzhak Herzog are among my favorites, and we should never count out Avraham Burg. In my opinion Burg's opinion articles - such as this one - on Israeli politics and society are always among the best analyses of what is going on here and of what roads should be taken if we want Israel to be a truly Jewish, democratic state.

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