Sunday, August 14, 2005

Here is an article, by Amira Hass, that turns our attention to:
  1. one of the aspects of disengagement that ( and some of its victims whom ) we hardly hear or read about;
  2. at least one of the reasons why the occupation should end;
  3. at least one of the reasons why the occupation cannot last forever, unless we want to lose altogether our right to exist as a nation within a state of our own;
  4. the fact that there is a link between the quality of ( some of ) the settlers' lives and some of the misery of the Palestinians;
  5. the fact that colonialism "decays both the colonizer and the colonized", with the colonizer and the colonized becoming totally dependent on each other ( see Albert Memmi ).
  6. the fact that no occupation has ever been just.

I was also reminded of the words of an employee of relatives of mine, who used to say - even though he definitely was not a socialist: "There are bad employers and very bad employers."

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