Monday, August 08, 2005

Many experts whom I heard talking on television yesterday agree that Nethanyahu was a good Finance Minister. Nevertheless, he chose a perfect time to quit, one day before the National Insurance Institute was about to publish a report saying that 1.5 million Israelis ( 20-25% of the population !!!!!, almost half of them children ) live below the poverty line.
Nehemia Strasler of Ha'Aretz, who also seems to be an expert on economics and finances, writes that Bibi proved ( again ) that - as opposed to claims he made during his press conference yesterday afternoon - he is made of neither leader nor prime minister material: "Anyone who abandons the socioeconomic war in this fashion proves that neither the economy nor society interests him. In other words, the entire public does not interest Netanyahu. The only one who interests Netanyahu is himself. Such a man is unfit to be a leader. And he is certainly unfit to be prime minister."

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