Sunday, August 14, 2005

Never before since I made aliyah has the news here been so emotional, exciting and important. Yet now of all times I have been unable to follow the news as closely as I would like, and to write about what is going on as much as I would want to. These last weeks I have been working around the clock to arrange all kinds of affairs, most of them related to my PhD thesis. My work paid off, I won't give you all the details, but two things I can tell you: I got a one year's extension from the university ( including another year of the Rothenstreich scholarship that I won two years ago ), and eight copies of microfilms with parts of two important French-Jewish archives have finally - after 1 1/2 year - arrived at Haifa's University Library. These microfilms contain the last part of those primary sources needed for my research that are available and were missing in my collection until now.
As for the disengagement, lately I have not really been inspired to write great postings about it, or about any other subject. Like most Israelis I feel frustrated and am fed up with it all, I have already seen to many stickers, ribbons and posters, and heard to many slogans and slurs. I feel a lot of anger towards some of the settlers and their supporters, as well as towards a government that has not explained properly to the settlers, to the security forces and to the public in general why this step is so vital for Israel's wellbeing, and that has not given all bodies involved the proper time and means to prepare themselves for this "national task". The right thing is being done in not exactly the right way, let's hope it is at least being done for the right reasons. Let's pray that it will be done as swiftly as possible, with as little violence and as few ugly scenes as possible.
There are some things that I want to say about all this, I just have not found the time and enough inspiration to write them down. Maybe that inspiration will come, maybe not. In the meantime I will continue to post my regular stuff, more or less with the frequency that you have become used to.

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