Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nimrod Sapir, who together with his wife Chen and their son Ben is portrayed in last week's Family Affair in Ha'Aretz, says that unlike his wife he does not see a need to fly blue or blue-and-white ribbons on cars ( one of those ribbons is attached to the side-view mirror of his Citroen Berlingo ), since " everyone who does not fly an orange ribbon is in favor of the disengagement plan."
Although I do not agree with him ( it is important to speak out, and you never should count on a silent majority when vital issues are at stake ), he has a point. Among those who are staunchly opposed to the disengagement plan there seem to be few who hesitate to express their feelings out of fear of having their cars vandalized ( personally I still have not heard of any car with a orange ribbon being damaged, I am still waiting for reports on such incidents ) or of being verbally attacked. All my friends and acquaintances who oppose the pullout plan say so openly ( and except for two of them they all fly orange ribbons on their cars ), whereas almost all of those whose opinion I asked because they hardly talked about the subject and did not make any colored confession said that they want Israel to get out of Gaza a.s.a.p. Some of them said that they wanted to put a blue or blue-and-white ribbon on their car, but they were afraid to see their antennas being broken or bent, the way the antenna on our car was ruined. More than half of the opponents of the plan whom I talked to said that they do not oppose the pullout as such, but they would like it to be better organized, something with which I can only agree.
All in all, it could very well be that the oranges form a much smaller minority than what they pretend to represent.

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