Friday, August 05, 2005

Obviously the terrorist attack yesterday in Shfar'am was today's main news item. I happened to read about it yesterday after we returned from a party celebrating the end of the year at our son's kindergarten.It was amazing how right away so many tried to interpret the attack according to his own political views. As ten years ago with the murder of Rabin and one year before, when Baruch Goldstein murdered a large number of praying Muslims in Hebron, spokesmen for the colonists and their lobbies condemned this act of a 'lone madman', deliberately failing to recognize or admit that few madmen come to their despicable deeds within a vacuum. On the other hand Minister for Internal Security Gideon Ezra immediately tried to link a large part of the pullout opponents to the terror attack, which was just as wrong. While Israel's Arabs have shown great restraint, some Israeli-Arab politicians tried to gain political points by laying the blame if not on all Jews then at least on Israeli authorities as a whole, and on the army and police in particular.
This morning we were in the swimming pool of kibbutz Kfar Macabi, again with the parents and children of our son's kindergarten. A good friend of ours, who is a bus driver for Egged and whose son is a friend of our son, told us that yesterday afternoon he had sat in the company's canteen in Haifa with Michel Bachus, the bus driver who was murdered by the terrorist yesterday. Of course I also heard someone say things like "Why do they make such a fuss out of it, when an Arab terrorist does something like that we don't talk about it that much." I think that the day we relate to something like yesterday's events in Shfar'am as to any other terrorist act I will pack up and leave, because that day we will have stopped being a Jewish state altogether, and we will have lost our right to exist as a state.

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