Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Regarding "Abbas urges Palestinians to stay calm for pullout" + Editorial "Disengaging Netanyahu", IHT, August 10, 2005: Nothing would "lift the image of Palestinians in the world and hasten the coming of an independent Palestinian state" more than calm being ensured on the Palestinian side not only during but especially after Israel's pullout. If all the doomsayers on our side are proven wrong ( and I am not talking about a week or two ), it could very well be that Benjamin Nethanyahu and his co-supporters of a perpetual occupation will lose their support within the Likud. Only in that case is there a chance that some sort of coalition between moderate Likudniks and Labor will get us out of ( most of ) the Westbank as well, so that finally real borders between Israel and a Palestinian state can be drawn. Unfortunately, on both sides of the conflict there are people like Petyah Neriya, who receive their "orders from above". Whereas Mr Neriya's heavenly orders tell him to settle as much of the Land of Israel as possible - at no matter what financial, political and human costs - the divinely inspired Palestinians send us Qassam rockets and suicide bombers. Maybe if Jews and Palestinians were able to reduce God's role to playing second violin ( instead of being the director ) in this concert for two peoples and some fanatics, a combination of realism and optimism would be allowed to replace "negative wish fulfillment" here one day.

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