Sunday, August 28, 2005

Regarding "Between Haider and a hard place", Ha'Aretz, August 28, 2005: When Filip Dewinter says that his "grandfather was also a member of the Resistance" he implies that non-Jewish men who - like his father - were sent to forced labor in Germany were automatically members of the Resistance. Of course, some of the forced laborers had resisted the Nazis or participated in some sort of resistance while working in Germany, but forced labor and resistance were hardly synonyms. As for the overtures that Mr Dewinter makes to the Jews, Avigdor Lieberman and his political soulmates have had - and maybe still have, I don't know - contacts with extreme rightwing parties and personalities in Europe. Still, Jews should realize that the only reason why the post-, pseudo-, neo- or whatever kind of fascists pretend to be our allies or friends is the fact that they happen to hate and fear Muslims just a little more than Jews. For them, the most active enemy of their most acute enemy is nothing more than their temporary friend.

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