Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Regarding "Shfaram victims won't be recognized by terror law", Ha'Aretz, August 30, 2005: The law governing compensation for terror victims recognizes only "victims of hostile acts perpetrated by 'enemy forces' ". Since Eden Natan Zada was a Jew(ish 'soldier') he is "not considered a member of enemy forces". Ergo, in fact, enemy is basically a synonym of Arab. Maybe the victims of Jewish terror should be thankful that they are not marked as enemy victims. Terrorists such as the members of TNT ( Terror against Terror ) in the 1970-80s, Ami Popper, Baruch Goldstein, Eden Natan Zada and their ideological soulmates ( such as Yona Avrushmi and Yigal Amir ) are a much more existential threat for Israel - both as an independent Jewish state and as a democracy - than any Palestinian, Arab or Muslim terror group or individual will ever be. The fact that Israeli-Arab blood spilt by Jews will never have the same national and emotional 'value' as Jewish blood spilt by Palestinians explains only some of the frustration and anger felt by about a fifth of this country's population.

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