Monday, August 29, 2005

Right now the finals of the Israeli version of American Idols ( Kokhav Nolad, A Star is Born ) is taking place. Although I did not watch even one of the preliminary rounds, it is impossible not to know who the finalists are, since - like everywhere else in the world, I suppose - this show has been overmarketed, pushed down the throat of everyone who has been watching Channel 2 or 24 ( music channel ), reading newspapers and magazines and listening to the radio in Israel in the last three months or so. Even Ha'Aretz had a whole article on the subject today. I did not follow the program in other countries ( in the Netherlands there were cases of mass hysteria when some of the finalists of the first edition appeared in Amsterdam, I remember ) but I doubt that it was ever as sectorial as it is here. Whoever wins tonight, the chances are that (s)he will win only or mainly because (s)he 'represents' a certain sector of Israeli society. One of the three this year is religious ( a few minutes ago he was greeted by his rabbi ), one of them is from the Ukraine ( I cannot stand seeing or hearing about his grandmother in Kiev anymore ), and the last one is a beautiful girl ( from Dimona, if I am not mistaken ) who does not seem to be a great singer. May the most marketable win!

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