Saturday, August 27, 2005

This is a book that I put on my list of books to read. Hirsh Goodman's views are often very similar to mine, and his columns in the Jerusalem Report ( I received a 30 months' subscription last year when one of my articles was published in the magazine ) are among the better comments in English on Israel-related affairs. I knew he was from South Africa, I had no idea that he used to be a member of the HaBonim youth movement. In the article in Ha'aretz' Anglo File, Goodman very well says that parallels can be seen between Israel and the land where he was born and grew up, while stressing the fundamental differences that make comparisons unjustified and wrong: "To compare the two [systems] demonstrates ignorance or malevolence".
Like many on the Left, he welcomes the disengagement but insists that it will not be enough to leave only Gaza: "You remain with the problematics of two societies living on one land with different rules applying to them [...]. And the time to do something is now, before the right-wing extremist fringes get too large. That's the urgency of this book - we've got to do something before we reach a point of no return. Everyone says the writing was on the wall about [the assassination of Prime Minister] Rabin; now I'm saying the writing is on wall regarding Israel's democracy."

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