Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When I read this I was reminded of some leftwing Israelis saying years ago that if Ariel Sharon was to be elected as Prime Minister they would emigrate. I don't know where those people are today ( probably silently supporting Mr Sharon from some posh suburb of Tel Aviv ), but post-pullout politics will most probably be exciting and worrying again. It would be good for all of us if the disengagement turns out to be a success. Personally I would think that Ariel Sharon deserves such a success more than anybody else. You can say what you want about him ( his biography contains not only a lot of brave deeds but also some less kosher achievements ) but it has taken him quite some courage to continue on and - hopefully - finish the road that he started - maybe not alltogether for the right reasons - about two years ago, and we owe him some credit for that. In spite of all that praise, we could expect some bold IDF/IAF action in the next few weeks or months. After all, Mr Sharon is very much a(n Israeli ) politician, and we all know that nothing can gain a political leader more public support than some successful military action, support that can be vital for political leaders who face upcoming elections and who are attacked within their party for being too weak ( see Begin in June 1981, with Ariel Sharon being Minister of Agriculture, before being promoted to Minister of Defense after the elections two months later ).

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