Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When President Moshe Katsav, whom I respect very much, asked forgiveness from the settlers " for the demand that you leave after dozens of years of building and sacrifice ", he did not do so in my name. I feel sorry for them, sure, and I think the state owes them fair compensation and everything, but I do not see any need to ask them to forgive me for anything. I am sure they made sacrifices, but so did many Israelis who chose to live within the Green Line. As for the building, much if not most of it was done by Palestinian workers, and I do not see anyone asking for their forgiveness. The rest of Mr Katsav's speech was quite impressive. Right now I enjoy the sounds of the new micro audio system that my wife and I bought for my study this afternoon. It contains this CD, this double CD, plus two CDs from this collection.

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