Friday, August 26, 2005

While we shed both real and crocodile tears over the poor settler children who were forced from their homes, other victims of the disengagement ( whose mothers probably will not receive hundreds of thousands of dollars, shekels or even Romanian lei as compensation ) are easily forgotten. Tom Segev tells us about the Jewish terrorist who tried to stop the disengagement last week in the settlement of Shiloh about a week ago, and about the 16 children whose fathers that terrorist, a father himself, murdered. Look at the picture of the widow and children of one of those murdered. It is hard to imagine these beautiful children ( the girl on the left has the same age as our daughter, and the blond boy on the right is as old as our son; like my kids, both children have gorgeous blue eyes ) cursing soldiers and turning the Holocaust into a joke. At the same time, why should be be surprised and who will be to blame if one of them becomes a terorrist him/herself some day? Terror(ism) is certainly capable of creating such a truly vicious circle.

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