Thursday, September 01, 2005

About half an hour ago I came back home after the "kabalat kita aleph" ( reception of the first grade ) ceremony at our daughter's school. It was very impressive and less emotional than I expected, it seems that our daughter won't have any trouble finding her place there. She has what seems ( and according to other parents is supposed ) to be a very good and warm-hearted teacher named Osnat, and the school also gives the impression of being a good combination of seriousness, study and discipline on the one hand, and warmth, fun and stimulation on the other. Besha'a tova uvehatslaha ( good luck, success ) to all the children who today start many years of learning within an organized framework of education. I started that process 31 years ago, and with minor interruptions it has continued until this very day. Our son happily went back to the kindergarten/playgroup where he has been for two years already, and my wife continues to teach ( third grade, the same class as last year ) at a school in Haifa. We had a wonderful vacation but there is nothing wrong with returning to our daily routine.

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