Sunday, September 25, 2005

The cartoon in today's Ha'Aretz says it all: by launching Qassam rockets on the city of Sderot and other parts of Israel that border on the Gaza Strip, and by holding aggressive demonstrations and openly continuing to embrace violence as the prefered option to further their cause, Islamic Jihad and Hamas are making life easier for Bibi N., paving the ( his ) way to the ousting of Ariel Sharon from - the leadership of - the Likud, which will deliver the party into the hands of those who would do anything to settle their score with the first person in Israeli history who had the guts to say 'No' to the settlers and their supporters. As has been said so often ( I think it was Henry Kissinger who first uttered the phrase ), Israeli has no foreign policy, it only has domestic politics. By the way, the same seems to apply to the Palestinians, most of the violence on their side should be seen against the background of the power struggles that started already months before the implementation of Israel's retreat from Gaza.

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