Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here are some of the articles that I enjoyed reading in this weekend's Ha'Aretz. Often I am not very fond of what Julie Burchill writes, she is often too blunt and over-simplified to my taste, but this time she very well said some of the things that should be said about attempts by some Muslims to turn the memory of the Holocaust into something so general and meaningless ( and, at least in their eyes, politically correct, as if Holocaust Memorial Day as it is is the summum of political incorrectness ). The experienced diplomat Alon Liel breaks a lance for unilateralism as a possible key to securing Israel's future. Also, the newspaper's magazine carried a very interesting interview with the president of Bar-Ilan University, professor Moshe Kaveh.
Finally, one article from last week's Friday magazine that I copied to my articles' 'blog' before forgetting about it: an interview with/portrait of one of the highest officers who participated in the implementation of the disengagement plan. He happens to be a secular man who grew up in a religious family, and who has a view on Israel, the disengagement and the army that is both very philosophical and practical. Reading the articles about professor Kaveh and Brigadier General Gershon Hacohen made me a little wiser, I believe.

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