Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am far from sure that in another generation the Holocaust/Shoah will be remembered by the world as it is today in most Western countries, as a more or less singular event or series of events that led to the deaths of six million Jews, hundreds of thousands of Sinti/Roma, and millions of Poles, Soviet war prisoners, mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists and others. Already it has become perfectly acceptable all over the world to make unhistorical comparisons between the Shoah and basically every injustice afflicted upon a group of people. If the Holocaust becomes 'just another' genocide, or one more terrible crime perpetrated by human beings against other human beings, then not only Holocaust deniers, 'supporters' of the Palestinians and other bashers of Israel and/or the Jewish people will deserve credit for that. Those Jews and Israelis who for years have emptied words like anti-semitic and Shoah of their historical meaning ( e.g. by equating every form of criticism of Israeli policies with anti-semitism, by calling the evacuation of the settlers from Gaza a Holocaust, wearing stars of david and using terms such as judenrein, Judenrat, Ausweis, comparing Arafat to Hitler or Palestinians/IDF soldiers to nazis, etc. ) will be responsible as well. Les extremes ( et les fanatismes ) se touchent, as always.

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