Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Israeli governments have often had a talent for not making use of - and undoing - any international goodwill that they created by this or that political action. Instead of enjoying a few days of grace and relatively good PR that Israel received abroad because we finally dared to confront the settlers and to evacuate some of them, our government - trying, against its own better judgment, to (re)pacify the settlers - dashes all hopes of diplomatic progress by openly talking about building more housing units in the Westbank.
Why is it that when our beloved minister of Education, Culture and Sports says that there is now a "window of opportunity" to build up settlement blocs in the Westbank, I somehow suspect her to believe that such a window was created not by the disengagement - as she says - but rather by something named Katrina? This is what happens when a country has a minister of education who cares more about her political future within the Likud - a future that she has constantly tried to serve by constantly buttering her bread on both sides, staying in the government and at the same time howling with the hounds within the Likud that try to topple Sharon - than about the future of the children who depend on her. I think it is hutzpah if Israel goes blatantly against the wishes of the United States, and even more so if we "demand of the Americans that they do not pressure us on this matter", particularly now that our greatest ally is going through such difficult times. But then again, this would not be the first time that Israel proves that its friendship and cooperation are often only conditional and quite self-serving. We can send as many specialist teams and volunteers to Louisiana as we want, if right now we refuse to at least listen to Washington we simply show - again - that we are untrustworthy and annoying, something that will cost us dearly in the end, and rightly so.

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