Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No posting today, except for this one. My wife had an important exam ( she passed it, we are sure ), in the afternoon I went to the swimming pool instead of her ( our daughter has swimming lessons twice a week ), and in the morning I worked. Also, I made a reservation for a studio in Paris, where I will spend 11 days and nights in early December. I have been invited to a seminar, and I add about one week to my stay in Paris, so that I will be able to collect/consult two last periodicals that I have been unable to consult until now. I already managed to reserve a place for six whole days at the small archive where those periodicals are kept on microfilm. In my spare time ( probably on Saturday, and if I have one or two days left towards the end of my stay: I do not know exactly how much work the periodicals will be ) I will try to make it to the National Archives, to have a look at the personal archives of Leon Blum, although I do not have high hopes of finding anything spectacular in those files. After that I will leave Paris to spend the weekend with my family in Holland, before flying back home to my wife and our kids. I am looking forward to what - once again - promises to be a perfect combination of business and pleasure.

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