Thursday, September 22, 2005

Now this is a perfect example of Bibi's mind boggling b***s***: ( Ha'Aretz news flash ): 07:06 Netanyahu: PM expelled thousands from land, he`s made us into Meretz (Israel Radio)
Like most PR-experts ( with Joseph Goebbels as their shining example ) Binyamin Netanyahu believes ( i.e. knows ) that no matter how far from the truth something might be or how much politicians love to falisify history, as long as you say it with enough conviction and as many times as possible it will stick and people will start believing your spin.
1. The Sharon government did force several thousand Jews to evacuate their homes, and to rebuild their homes within Israel proper. We don't hear Bibi about the many more thousands of Palestinians who have been expelled from their homes, whose houses have been destroyed or whose olive trees were uprooted, all for security reasons of course, and all this with the permission and often on the initiative of this or that Israeli government.
2. If Meretz ever was responsible for expelling anybody from his or her land, it must have been when the party participated in the governments of Rabin, Peres and Barak, and those expelled were Palestinians (e.g. the four hundred and something Palestinians who were deported to Southern Lebanon in 1992-3, and who - after international pressure - had to be allowed by Israel to return home again ). The only governments that had the wisdom and courage to force Jewish settlers to leave their homes and return to Israel were led by the Likud, whether Bibi likes it or not.

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