Monday, September 26, 2005

Regarding "The air crackles with hatred as Likud seems to implode", Ha'Aretz, September 26, 2005: If I lived in a normal country I would probably be happy to see a party that in many respects represents the opposite of what I believe in heading for self-destruction. Still, as a leftwing Zionist watching what goes on in and around the Likud Central Committee not only fills me with revulsion, it also makes me sad and worried. Aware that the Labor party is hardly in a better shape than Likud, I know that this is the way in which our state is run and how the future of me and my family is being taken care of. Whichever of the two main governing parties is or will be in power, we can be sure that in the foreseeable future the only choice that we can make is between a total lack of guidance and a leader who has proven to have guts but whose leadership is paralyzed by ( accusations of ) corruption and by a lack of true support within what was once his ideological home. Israel has every reason to complain about a lack of authority on the 'other' side, but in fact when it comes to responsible, caring and visionary leadership our situation is not much better than that of the Palestinians.

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