Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Regarding "Gunmen in Iraq add teachers to target list", IHT, September 27, 2005: Ever since the Taliban and Saddam Hussayn were removed from power, anybody who endangers his life by trying to make life a little better for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq has been on the Islamists' hit list. It is naive to think that targets are added to such a list, basically every non-Islamist has been on it from the early days of Islamist terror. While thousands demonstrate worldwide against the presence of American and other Western troops in Iraq, few of those demonstrators raise their voices against the efforts by Zarqawi c.s. to ruin the country even more, or even worse, they solely blame the Americans for the chaos. As flawed as I believe American policies are, I think that those demonstrators' claims and protests would be slightly more credible and constructive if their concern for the wellbeing of the Iraqi people and their anger over Islamist terror was as obvious and outspoken as their hatred for the US and what it stands for.

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