Sunday, September 11, 2005

Synagogue in Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif ( picture found at IsraelImages ).

Regarding "IDF to begin leaving Gaza tonight", Ha'Aretz, September 11, 2005: Funny how ministers who until now played a very active or cowardly passive role when decisions regarding the disengagement plan and its implementation - decisions that included the destruction of synagogues - were made, suddenly remember how Jewish they are. Could it be that most of them rely on the short memory of Likud and other rightwing voters, and do they really think that the settlers and their supporters will reward them for having 'protected' the synagogues? The synagogues are doomed, the question is only whether they will be destroyed in a more or less dignified way, or by frenzied crowds who are driven by 38 years of occupation and frustration. By claiming that the protection of the synagogues is a first test for the leaders and security forces of the Palestinian Authority, ministers such as Shalom and Hanegbi prove that a true concern for ( the sanctity of ) the Jewish houses of worship is not the main reason behind their political games. If they seriously expect the latter to confront angry mobs in order to safeguard what Jibril Rajoub - not totally undeservedly: just have a look at the synagogue in Neve Dekalim - called symbols of the occupation, that can only mean one thing: they simply want the PA to fail. That way Abu Mazen c.s. can be written off as serious partners for negotiations that would lead to further Israeli withdrawals, a final settlement between a Palestinian state and Israel, and - one can always hope - some sort of peace between the two peoples and countries. Such a failure will relieve us of further territorial concessions and continue the status quo that - not matter how destructive and deadly it is - serves too many politicians only too well.

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