Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This week most nights I have to put our two children to bed on my own, since my wife - with Rosh HaShanah coming up and the school year just beginning - has all kinds of meetings at her school and with the parents' committee of our daughter's class. On Sunday, after the two of them had taken their bath and brushed their teeth, I played for them part of the Riverdance video ( the one with the live show from New York's Radio City Music Hall ) that I received from a friend years ago. They loved it: our daughter loved the dancing ( every time she sees the video she laughs about men wearing shoes with heels ), and our son - who appears to have a more than average musicality, which should not be too surprising, he must have gotten some genes from his grandfather - is crazy about both the dancing and the music. He loves everything that has something to do with an accordeon ( he might even appreciate De Kermisklanten, who knows? ). Almost every morning, before my wife takes him to kindergarten, he takes out his headphone/microphone and his blue toy accordeon, and he starts a performance, imitating the music teacher who comes to his school twice a week. ( every performance starts with "Shalom children, how are you? My name is Tali. Are you ready?" ). He also often likes to pretend that he is a musical clown entertaining children at a birthday party ( he loves those parties and clowns ).
When we were in Paris two years ago one of the Riverdance companies was performing in the French capital. I went to buy a ticket, but the cheapest one was 36 Euro, and the nice salesperson at the FNAC bookstore was honest enough to tell me that from the cheapest seats the view is not really that good, so I decided not to go. Now I am sorry that I did not go then, because I am afraid that the chances of me ever seeing the show being performed live on stage are very small. In October this year the Avoca company is performing in both Paris and Amsterdam, but I will only be in Europe in another two months. Hey, maybe they will come to Israel one day? Fat chance. Bloody anti-semites :-)

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