Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The fact that in the last few years our own - Jewish and Arab - criminals have been using bombings more and more frequently to settle their accounts or to do whatever they do ( like this afternoon in Tel Aviv ) makes it even harder for the security forces to protect the public and to catch and/or neutralize the perpetrators of Palestinian terror attacks and those who help them. It also numbs the general public even more. Whereas I used to immediately turn on the television when I heard or read about a bomb attack, now - partly because I have the impression that most bomb attacks in the last year or so were carried out by criminals, not terrorists - I sometimes first wait for confirmation whether or not it is terror-related before I start to follow the news bulletins. The magnitude of the Hadera bombing and the number of wounded and killed make it most likely that this was the work of one of the Palestinian terror organizations.

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