Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In Israel, during the period from about two weeks before Rosh HaShana until after Succoth and Simhat Thorah nothing serious is being done and no important decisions are being made, it seems. Whenever you want to make an appointment, to get some information or to get something fixed you will often hear "Call me back/I will contact you/Let's talk etc. after the holidays". Most offices and institutions close for at least some of the days between the various holidays, so you can never be absolutely sure whether or not you will receive the service that you are looking for, at least not until..., right, after the holidays. Based on this very Israeli phenomenon ( the period is similar to the one from right before Christmas until after New Year's Day in Europe, but significantly longer ) Uzi Benziman wrote a good op-ed piece: since 'after the holidays' has arrived, there are no excuses anymore to postpone all kinds of changes and vital decisions required from Israel's decision makers. Unfortunately, " nothing is expected to change. The coming year, which will be an election year, will be devoted mainly to political survival battles and not to providing a creative answer to the state's needs."

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