Friday, October 28, 2005

Interesting. This is what Sky News has to say about Jerusalem Day, that wonderful and festive Islamic holiday, initiated by Iran's ayatollahs ( never mind the missing word between "it" and "show", what makes this interesting is what Sky has to say about the Palestinians ) and celebrated on the last Friday of the Ramadan ( mostly by Shi'ite Muslims, although in Europe and elsewhere some of their Sunni brothers and sisters join in the fun, by participating in demonstrations near the local Israel embassy ): "Iranians use it show solidarity with Palestinians in Israel living in the Occupied Territories." What is just as interesting is the almost extenuating commentary that the network makes on the already infamous statement by the president of that enlightened country about Israel: " The rhetoric angered the international community and prompted Israel to demand Iran be kicked out of the UN. But Iran has never recognised Israel and the comments are aimed just as much at a domestic audience as they are at reasserting Iranian independence from Western pressure over the nuclear issue."

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