Tuesday, October 18, 2005

One of the things that have taken up relatively much of my time during the last weeks is organizing and financing my coming trip to Paris, early December. The plane and train tickets are covered ( thanks to my always beloved, loving and supportive parents, and to the generous French-Jewish fund that helped me so much until now), but more than half of the budget ( rent for a studio, living expenses, insurance, books ) we will have to cough up ourselves, since the scholarship that I receive through my university does not refund most research-related expenses ( except for photocopies, basically, but I hardly make any photocopies since I started working with a digital camera two years ago ). Because the two weeks' stay in December was not expected or planned I did not have time to apply for one or more specific scholarships, as the deadlines of all the relevant ones had passed already.
Years ago somebody already suggested that I should find private sponsors for research trips and other projects. Who knows, he might be right, and maybe my weblog is a good way to find such ( a ) sponsor(s). Sorry that I play the role of shnorrer here, but if you are interested and able to help, please contact me by e-mail. Contributors of € 100 and more will have their names mentioned in the Acknowledgements of my PhD thesis and of any book that will be based on my PhD research.

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