Thursday, October 06, 2005

Regarding "Like Bush, court nominee took a turn toward religion", IHT, October 6, 2005: Religion can be a beautiful thing. The combination of religion and politics often is not, as many people in the Middle East can testify. Islamist terror, one of the most dangerous phenomena these days, is the most extreme example of the dangers that combining religion and politics can entail. Whereas in politics we deal with reality through compromises, religion - especially in the varieties embraced by many newly religious men and women - deals mainly with absolute truths. For centuries in Western societies a separation of state and church/mosque/synagogue has been considered a clear sign of progress, contributing to democracy. When we see how in the country that is supposed to lead the West in the war on terror religion becomes a more and more determining political factor, it becomes clear how much impact the acts and preachings of Bin Laden and other Islamists have had on American politics, and easy to understand why the glory and domination of the United States are in decline.

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