Thursday, November 24, 2005

Apparently some people see the internet, and in particular search engines such as Google and Ask Jeeves, as some kind of oracle: you ask a question, any question, and an instant anwer pops out. According to my website statistics, provided by, at least twice someone arrived at DBI by asking Jeeves a question:

Jeeves does not really know the answer, he reminds me of some of the workers at a local supermarket, on the back of whose red jackets white letters tell us "Ask me", but when you ask them a question they rarely know the answer. I could easily answer the second question: 'leraar' does not mean anything in English, because the word simply does not exist in English. If you are looking for the most common English translation of the Dutch word 'leraar', you will find the word 'teacher'. As for the first question, I do not really understand it, but I am sure it would be harder to answer than the second one.

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