Saturday, November 26, 2005

Five weblogs and one website were added to my blog's sidebar. Israel-Palestina is a laudable initiative by two ( or more ? ) Dutch leftwing activists who want to present balanced information about both the Palestinian and the Israeli side of 'the' conflict. Most of the website is in Dutch but parts of it are in English as well. There is a lot of very good reading material, and it contains many links to interesting websites. Two German weblogs were added, one of them I found through a comment on DBI, the other I was refered to by Lila of Letters from Rungholt. I was sure that I already had a link to Brian Blum's This Normal Life, but I was mistaken, so now that blog has a link too. Finally, The Siren's Song and Lonelythinker were added, I think I discovered them after their authors left a comment on my weblog.

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