Saturday, November 26, 2005

I am not as optimistic as Yossi Beilin about Marwan Barghouti's intentions and convictions, and winning 96% of a vote somehow reminds me of the percentages won by Soviet leaders in the good old days when communism still was communism ( on the other hand, the guy is immensely popular among certain parts of the Palestinian population ), but still, I think that Marwan Barghouti represents the kind of Palestinian leaders whom Israel ultimately will ( have to ) deal with. Therefore, when Mr Shalom says that Mr B. will "Never" be released I raise my eyebrows. Never is a very long time in politics, especially in the Middle East. This was probably the candidate for the Likud leadership talking. After all, the party's primaries will be held in less than a month, and the tougher he looks the more votes he might get.

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