Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am not sure if Ariel Sharon and his close aides should be so happy with all the electoral "assets" who joined Kadimah these last few days. As much as I admire Shimon Peres, if I ran in an election I would rather have his sympathy and support from a distance than a public embrace. Also, it seems that the only two things that people like Ronit Tirosh ( the not very popular head of the Education Ministry under Limor Livnat ), Daliah Itzik and Haim Ramon have in common are their own political ambitions plus their conviction that Sharon is the one who can fulfill those ambitions. Could it be that men like Shaul Mofaz and Amir Peretz, rookies compared to Sharon when it comes to playing political games, are outmastering the master? Their bases of support within their parties seem to be more solid than the hotch-potch that is gathering around big Arik. It would be a shame if Mr Sharon is unable to deliver only because he tried to keep too many satisfied. On paper a Sharon-Peretz coalition ( together with one or two of the - according to the polls - smaller parties ) could produce a wonderful government, but four months until the elections are a very long time, and four years after the elections are an eternity.

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